About different density and wig cap size

Wig Density - Choose the Perfect Hair Density for Your Wig

Wig Density Chart:

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Wig Cap Size Chart:

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Our advice to Vinisay Girls:

Short (6 inches to 10 inches): For short hairstyles, we recommend choosing a density that's between 130 or150%. These densities will look most natural and will reduce the chance of your styles coming out too bulky.

Medium (12 inches to 16 inches): For medium-length styles, we recommend choosing a density between 150 or180%. Choose your specific density depending on how much volume you prefer.

Long (18 inches to 22 inches): When it comes to long hair, higher density is preferred to give you enough volume and fullness. Choose density 180 or 250%.

Extra Long (24 inches to 30+ inches): For extra long hair, 250% density is recommended. It'll ensure that your hair is full from roots to tips.


Different densities have different effects~

120 - 130% density wig: This density is standard in the wig market. Due to its subtle volume and natural-looking fullness, it is preferred by many.

150% density wig: 150% density is for people who like a bit of extra fullness in their units. It's easy to find because of its popularity.

180% density wig: 180% density wigs are a bit fuller than 150% density wigs. This density level is great for both short and long wigs.

200% density wig: 200% density wigs are considered full and voluminous. They lend themselves well to longer styles and looks but can still work for updos and shorter styles.

250% density wig: 250% density wigs are the fullest, most luxurious wigs on the market. They are great for big, celeb-inspired looks.