Beginner's Guide



                PC Operation Process

  • Open the webpage and click "RegisterlLogin"
  • Enter the information page that requires registration: you need to fill in your email address and login pass-word.(※If you don't have an account, you need to create an account first, you need to fill in your name, email address and login pass-word. )
  • Click "Submit" to display the specified page, you need to complete your message
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    Mobile Phone Operation Process
  • Click "RegisterlLogin".
  • If you have an account, click "Sign lN" which belongs to the account password. lf you need to register as amember,click "Register" and fill in your personal information according to the prompts on the page. After filling inclick "LOGIN" or "CREATE AN" ACCOUNT" can successfully log in or register as a member
  1. Search for the product you need.
  2. Click "ADD TO CART" or click "BUY it NOW"/ Buy with PayPal.
  3. Confirm your order.
  4. Ensure payment security.
  5. You can track your parcel online or contactus by email to check the logistics situation.vinisay hair store website picture on page Beginner's Guide how to place the order

lf you click "BUY it NOW" directly, the following picture will appear. You need to il in all the information in the "BILL-ING ADDRESS" column according to the prompts. In order for the package to reach you more smoothly and quick-ly, please The information in this column is complete and true.lf you have confirmed all the information, you canclick "Pay now" to make the paymentvinisay haie store online picture on page beginner's friendly BUY it NOW

lf you click "BUY with PayPal" directly, the following picture will appear. Log in to your PayPal account, pay with PayPal or pay with a credit card, follow the prompts to fill in the information and complete the purchase.

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lf you click "ADD To CART" , this pop-up window will appear. If you need, click "CHECK OUT" to purchase. The steps are the same as the above "BUY it NOW", if you don't need it, click "Remove" to remove it.

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In order to find the products that you had better input the key words on the search line that on the top ofthe page.See the picture below

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