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vinisay hair website reward points to save more money

1. What are Vinisay Hair Reward Points?

Reward Points are our way of rewarding our loyal customers for buying from Vinisay Hair. The points are awarded automatically to your account if you place order, register, sign in and so on. Which means that returning customers can quickly build up a large number of points – the more you spend and do, the more you get.

2. Where to earn points?

Click where the arrow points to

vinisay hair where to earn points

3. How Much Are Reward Points Worth?

  • Every 100 points worth $1, more points more money like that:
  • 100 Reward Points = $1;
  • 500 Reward Points = $5;
  • 1000 Reward Points = $10;

4. How Can I Get More Points?

Click the "ways to earn" button and you can see many ways to earn points. ※  You need to join us first! !(Click "Join now" and you can get 100 points immediately. After this step, remember to refresh and re-enter, you will see your points in the upper left corner)

How Can I Get More Points vinisay hair store

5. How Can I Use My Points?

You can use your points in cart page if your points more than 100.

How to use reward points step-by-step tutorial on vinisay hair website